Medical grade facials specializing in treating Acne, Anti-aging and Hyperpigmentation utilizing the Dermasweep machine. 
The Dermasweep machine is the most advanced in  particle free Microdermabrasion technology.  A gentle abrasion with suction removes the dead outer layer of the skin in order to stimulate and reveal new healthy skin underneath.  As featured in Elle Magazine  

The DermaRenewal

75 min+/ $175
-The Custom facial starts off with a Clarisonic cleansing and skin analysis. Enjoy the aroma of the Pumpkin enzyme exfoliation under steam while hands are massaged. Next allow the Microdermabrasion by the Dermasweep machine to sweep away dead cells and Smooth and
Revitalize your skin. Thorough extractions, followed by pure medical grade Oxygen and Age-defying serums that will Rejuvenate your skin.  Relax with a Firming mask while neck and shoulders are massaged.  Rece
ive a facial massage with an Anti-inflammatory, barrier building moisturizer.  Spf sun protection is then applied.  Ending result a more Youthful appearance and Healthier, Glowing skin.
The DermaRenewal Deluxe 

-Look 10 Years Younger! The DermaRenewal Facial including the Epi-Infusion and New! Cyrogenic healing peel off mask. Rich in Vitamin E, C, and A(Retinol) which tightens and firms the skin. Revitalizing, calming and soothing as well due to the Spirulina and Menthol. 

The Acne Buster
75 min+/$175
-Custom facial including consultation and Deep cleansing by the Clarisonic cleaning brush.  Detoxifying deep pore treatment and Dermasweep microdermabrasion exfoliation.  Thorough extractions, followed by the High frequency machine to dry up excess oil and acne.  A Calming, Soothing serum is then applied under the healing, bacteria killing properties of pure medical grade Oxygen.  Next an Anti-bacterial mask and massage.  Finishing with a hydrating cream and Spf protection.  End result; pores will be Cleaner and Tighter, pimples will be diminished.

Vi Peel 
30 min+/$300
-The Vi Peel is designed to reverse the signs of Aging and Sun Damage including melasma.  The Vi Peel contains a synergistic blend of gentle yet powerful ingredients for all skin types. It is highly effective in clearing Acne, and impurities.  The peel is virtually painless.  Enjoy younger and more beautiful skin in about one week.

Custom PCA Peel
30 min+/$150
-Using Jessner or TCA/Lactic acid this medical grade peel tightens Pores, stimulates Collagen, kills Bacteria, dries up pimples, Smooths fine lines while Softening the texture of your skin, and reducing Hyper-pigmentation.

Backne Treatment
35 min+/$85
-Facial treatment on the Back addressing Acne. Customized per individual client.

Eye Treatment/$15
~Micro infused collagen gel pads that offer c
ooling, soothing relief for weary, puffy eyes. Very hydrating. Contains Aloe, Marine plant collagen, Vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid. Green
Tea version for dark circles. 

Epi Infusion/$25
~Infusion of a serum by the Dermasweep machine penetrates the skin leaving it more hydrated, plumped and softened.  As well as receiving the benefit of one of the following serums: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Hyper-pigmentation or Acne formula.  The #1 add on.

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment/$25

~Microdermabrasion on the hands, massage, followed by moisturizing hand mask to hydrate  and nourish dry hands. Very softening.

Cyrogenic Peel-off Mask/$25
~Cooling and healing algae based mask rubberizes. Rich in Viramins E, C and A(Retinol) which tightens and firms the skin.  Revitalizing, Calming and Soothing as well due to Spirulina and Menthol. 

Vitamin Peel Booster/$30
~Firming, Brightening and Smoothing.  One layer of a Lactic acid/Retinol formula or TCA/Lactic acid/Vitamin C blend.

~Yoga for the face, a muscle re-education that lifts and tones the neck, lower jaw, cheeks and eye area.

~Facial treatment on the chest area.